Douglas Liva

Originally from Northern New Jersey, Doug got his first taste of living in the Southwest when he moved to Arizona for college in 2006. After graduating, he moved back to NJ and became involved with the tree service industry just after Hurricane Sandy, while working as a fence contractor.
From 2012 to 2017 Doug had a joint fence & tree company in Northern NJ working from Warren to Bergen County. Since he spent most of his winters in the Wasatch Mountains, Doug decided to relocate his tree service business & make the permanent move to Park City where his family has had a residence since 2006. He started Canyon Cutters in the spring of 2018 and enjoys the new lifestyle that has come along with it.

John Hill

Born and raised in Massachusetts along the shores of Cape Cod, and the woods of Eastern Maine- John grew up sailing and hauling brush, depending on which Grandfather he was with at the time.

Bouncing around North America as a professional Chef, John arrived in Park City in 2011. Eventually, cooking and butchering for a living had reached a crossroads with his family roots, so he decided it was time for a change and got involved with the tree service industry. John joined the crew of Canyon Cutters in June 2018 during the company’s infancy. Covering all the bases in the woods from felling trees, to operating machinery, John hopes to continue learning the trade alongside the Canyon Cutters team.

Peter Carlson

Peter was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He graduated from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Science from the School of Natural Resources.   After graduation, he moved to Homer, Alaska to help design and build 50 miles of hiking trails for Kachemak Bay State Park and Wilderness Area. He also worked for the award winning Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge clearing beetle killed Sitka Spruce trees. After living in Alaska, he moved to Oregon and worked for a tree preservation company. Peter now enjoys the many outdoor opportunities the local mountains of Utah provides, with his wife and son.

Kraig Ketelsen

Kraig grew up in Wyoming, where the primary source of heat for his childhood home was a wood-burning stove. At the beginning of Fall every year his family would head into the nearby mountains in order to cut enough wood to last them through the winter. This was one of his favorite annual activities, and he would volunteer to split the wood, and usually had it all split within a few days of gathering. After college, when people would ask him what his dream job was, the most honest answer he always had was becoming a lumberjack.

Kraig always liked the idea of spending his days secluded in the forest, working hard, and at the end of the day having a pile of logs to show as the fruit of his labor. In the summer of 2018, the stars aligned while he was on hiatus from a 20 year career in investment banking, as an opportunity to work with Canyon Cutters in the mountains of Park City presented itself. Kraig says it has been an absolute pleasure learning the business from Doug, and forming a partnership with the rest of the Canyon Cutters team.

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