Tree Removal & Tree Pruning Service in Park City

Canyon Cutters specializes in tree removal and pruning, wood chipping, debris removal, and storm cleanup services in Park City, Utah.

We put a primary focus on homes and property located on and near the ski resorts of Park City. We have the ability to handle the difficult terrain, while maintaining and improving on the natural beauty of the land.

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Expert arborist services in Park City, UT

Wood Chipping, Debris Removal, & Storm Cleanup Services in Your Neighborhood!

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What Defines Hazardous Fuel?

  • Do you have dead, standing trees on your property, or trees that are lacking leaf / needle coverage and look like they are suffering from disease?
  • Does your property have fallen trees on the ground and/or piles (“clumps” as it’s called) of wood stacked near or against trees?
  • Are there trees greater than 10′ on your property where the limbs are 1′ – 5′ off from the ground?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you have what is called hazardous fuel. Canyon Cutters offers a full cleanup service that tackles your deadwood problem and greatly reduces the risk of a spreading fire!

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Our Services

Wood Chipping

Get rid of dangerous fire fuel by turning your fallen trees into wood chips.

Debris Removal

You need big equipment to move big debris—we have the tools and expertise.

Tree Removal

Tired of that risky or unsightly tree? Let us remove it, stump and all.

Storm Cleanup

Recover after seasonal damage with comprehensive storm cleanup.

Fire Mitigation

Have us clear hazardous areas of dead fall and dead standing, along with creating fire breaks, to protect you and your home from wildfire.

Tree Pruning

Avoid dangerous weakened branches or get a perfect tree shape with professional pruning.

Stump Grinding

Still have stumps you need to get rid of? Let us remove your unwanted and unsightly stumps.

Junk Removal

We have the tools to remove large items of junk.

Clearing Trails for Ski in & Ski Out

Remove trees and other debris from your trails for exceptional routes.

Erosion / Drainage Construction Solutions

Don’t wait for erosion to destroy your structures—be proactive with proper drainage.

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