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Beetle Damage

Borer Beetles pose the greatest threat to our forests in Utah. Their infestation is distinctive by the visual damage they cause to our native Aspen, Pine & Fir Trees. The females will lay her eggs on the bark of the tree, and when the larvae hatch, they will bore into the tree, weakening its structure that will slowly kill the tree over time. These insects are super effective due to the fact that they transfer from tree to tree. If you notice that the needles on your Pine, Spruce or Fir are turning orange and that there are multiple small pin holes located around its trunk, it is a fair bet that it’s inhabited by borer beetles and prompt action should be taken before they spread to its neighboring trees.

Although there are many different species of bore beetles, the common result between all of them, is the large impact they have on our forests.

Beaver Damage

Beavers are nocturnal rodents that refuge in proximity of water, generally along riverbanks and around ponds. They use wood to build dams, restricting waterways for their preferred habitat. Sometimes, beavers will gnaw away at large trees in order to fall them for their timber. Any wood located near water is susceptible to beaver damage, including Utah’s native Cottonwood tree, due to being a riparian zone tree.

Ant Damage

The first obvious sign of ant infestation is visual affirmation. Ants travel up and down the trunk of the tree and around the base. If this is witnessed, chances are they are nesting in the cavity of the tree. When ants colonize, they chew away at the wood causing rot and decay. This weakens the core of the tree causing it to die over time, making it vulnerable to the elements of weather. Store bought repellants are a very effective way of treating an infestation, although sometimes, the problem is beyond recovery and the safest remedy would be removing the tree.

Carpenter ants can also cause severe damage to your home, so it’s a good idea to eliminate the problem from your grounds before it becomes out of control.

* If you encounter any of these forces on your property, please call us for a free consultation to see what can be done in order to control and mitigate the issue at hand.